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Bravogrid was established in May 1998. We contribute ourselves on integrated geogrid production line. The superior guality and fullrange of product specifications have made us a major supplier to the geotechnical community.

Our average annual production is around 5 million square meters. We have received ISO-9000 international. Quality Assurance Certification within two years after beginning the production, We are enthusiastic about embarking in the international market. The attention on erosin control in recent year have increased the demand for our products. We fully expect our products to continue meeting the needs of word’s economic growth as we enter into the next century.

Core Value These Are What We Insist

Unique Construction Method ‧ Professional Consulting ‧ Green Concept ‧ Customized Service

Future & Vision What We Will Do

Due to the lack of attention placed on soil conservation, the increasing development of mountainous land in recent years has led to a series of disasters all over the world.

This has in turn led to move emphasis on the correct planning of the mountain and hill side land development. The reinforced soil technology has the capabilities to stabilize a soil mass with layers of reinforcement inclusion. It is easy to construct and lower in costs. It also has It’s distinct advantage of being able to preserve the natural beauty As a result, the reinforced soil technology is gaining wide acceptance in the geotechnical engineering community.

It is indisputable that the reinforced soil technology will be the technology of the future. Brauogrid is committed to developing new and improved reinforce ment material to complement this evolving new technology.

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